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Diplomacy and International Communication in English offers an opportunity for students- to learn and work as a team, understand and use mass media and other social platforms, develop language awareness, consensus building skills, conflict management skills, and develop abilities in critical and innovative thinking.

All of these skills are integrated into a course of study that emphasizes an appreciation of cultural diversity and its impact on the worlds of business and foreign relations.

As a student, parent or interested member of the public, on this site you may discover more about the major and keep up-to-date about events.


דיפלומטיה בשפה האנגלית 

דיפלומטיה ותקשורת בינלאומית באנגלית

מקצועות לימוד תיכוניים 

מגמת דיפלומטיה ותקשורת בינלאומית באנגלית מציעה לראשונה בישראל הזדמנות מיוחדת – פיתוח  כישורי תקשורת בינאישית, כשירות בין-תרבותית ואוריינות בתחומי המדיה והמידע. בנוסף לכך, לימוד שיטות לניהול משא ומתן ויחסים בינלאומיים. 

 המגמה כוללת גם מקצוע הרחבה –"ניהול סכסוכים ופתרונם", אשר נלמד במשך שנתיים. 

מגמה מגוונת זו תכשיר תלמידים  בעלי מוטיבציה ליישם את הידע והמיומנויות שירכשו בתחומים מגוונים בעתיד,  בתחום המדע, בשירות לקהילה, בפוליטיקה או בעסקים

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This course develops interpersonal, intercultural and cognitive abilities in the student, through meaningful learning in which they:

  • analyze and evaluate media texts and construct media texts adapted to audience and purpose;
  • prepare and deliver stories in a variety of live and digital contexts;
  • structure, present and respond to arguments about multifaceted and controversial topics, accommodating the norms and conventions of public discourse in oral and written modes;
  • maintain international forums for cross-cultural communication using digital media and technologies;
  • acquire effective collaborative strategies to negotiate and make decisions through role play and simulation;
  • apply thinking skills and creativity exercises to explore solutions to current issues of global concern.

Units of Study in Communication Skills Grade 10-12

Grade Ten: Novice Level

Units of Study

90 hours
Unit One: Diplomacy and Communication Skills 18 hours
Unit Two: Intercultural Communication 18 hours
Unit Three: Media and Information Literacy 32 hours
Unit Four: Sharing Stories 22 hours

Grade Eleven: Apprenticeship Level

Units of Study

90 hours
Unit One: Globalization and You 18 hours
Unit Two: International Relations and Public Relations 18 hours
Unit Three: Dialogue, Debate and Deliberation 36 hours
Unit Four: Citizen Diplomacy and Social Action 18 hours

Grade Twelve: Leadership Level

Units of Study

90 hours
Unit One: Leadership Styles and Models 18 hours
Unit Two: Thinking Like an Expert, Project Design 18 hours
Unit Three: Managing a Team and Implementation 32 hours
Unit Four: Evaluation and Recommendations 22 hours

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הפעל מצב נגיש יותר

Conflict Management and Resolution

Students who study the extension level subject, Conflict Management and Resolution, We learn to analyze, manage, resolve and prevent conflicts. We will discover the many factors underlying a dispute and learn to re-frame the issues so that options for resolving a dispute can be discussed and chosen.

Applying social and psychological theories, students will engage in group decision-making built on trust, transparency and shared interests.

In addition to studying theory and case studies, students will participate in various public forums with "audiences" outside of their own classrooms. They will apply the knowledge gained to interpersonal, social, environmental, international relations and business contexts.

Units of Study in Grades 11 and 12

Unit 1

Understanding Conflict
Types of Conflict
Stages in a Conflict
Conflict Management Styles

Unit 2

Conflict within Myself
Conflict within My Family and Friends
Negotiation Techniques

Unit 3

Conflicts within and between Groups
Social Identity Theory
Culture Theory

Unit 4

Conflicts in Global & International Contexts
Reconciliation Theory

Unit 5

Reflective Practice Project

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